Saturday, December 29, 2012

Last week of 2012. That was fast!

How is the last week of the year treating you?
We're having a dandy time here. We are sick! First it was Adam, then our maid, then my mother-in-law and I, and eventually Ashton caught the sickies too!!
Chesty coughs, body aches, leaky noses, screwed up breastfeeding schedules, lack of rest.
Thankfully we are all slowly coming out of the woods now (except poor Ashton who just caught the bugs). Adam has been severely reprimanded because he didn't cover his mouth when he coughed and his saliva splattered everywhere.
Even though I eat so many different types of supplements daily as part of my breastfeeding regime, Ashton & I succumbed to the flu bug as well.
When my children are sick, I morph into a Paranoid Nurse. I check on them every second and every sneeze or wheeze sends me flying into a frenzy.
What's worse than having a sick child? Having TWO sick children, AND being sick together with them as well.
That's not all. Both the baby and I are going bald. I'm losing hair by the clumps. Come Chinese New Year, I think I might need a wig.

Oh the joys of motherhood.

On to happier things.
Seeing as how poorly and miserable I've become, Andy booked us a day at a hotel spa.
The kids will be left with my helper and MIL while we steal a few hours to pamper ourselves.
Lounging around at home before heading out.

Cream owl sequins top: From Bugis Village for only $10!
Black lace shorts: from Momoteapots

My Christmas presents! Sunglasses: Prada Baroque
Bag: Hermes Picotin PM

Close-up shot of my Feliz Navidad lace shorts from MMTP - $27.50 mailed.
What a cute pair with functional side pockets and good solid quality.


  1. Lovely picotin. I have the same astrology twilly in blue.

  2. Lovely picotin. I have the same astrology twilly in blue

  3. Thank you, it's such a cute bag which can fit so much despite its size (PM) ..
    By the way how do you know the name of Twillies ? I don't see it written anywhere if my Twilies!

  4. cos i surf purseforum too much... LOL

  5. Ahhhh that explains!! Hahahah.. Happy new Year to you and your loved ones :)


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