Friday, December 7, 2012

FTWM: First week of returning to work

I've finally returned to work.
Although I was given a relatively easy assignment on my first week, I still felt like a new staff, blur and at a loss.

More worrying is the fact that I had trouble keeping awake by mid-day!
I wonder how other Mommies do it - juggling more than one kid, doing night feeds, working full-time, and keeping everything together.
By Tuesday evening, I was already knocked out and slept on the kids' mattress on the floor of my MIL's house till it was time for us to go home.
On Wednesday, I took half the day off and went home to nap.

I wonder how I am gonna pull through next week, and the weeks thereafter. Gesh.

One thing is for sure - regardless whether you are a full time working Mom, or a stay-home Mom, being a Mommy is a full-time job.
Working doesn't stop me from fulfilling my Mommy duties. In fact, when it's time to knock off, they give me much motivation to rush home to spend time with them again.
I feed them, I give them their evening baths, I engage with them.
You might also be amazed that my 3-month old is keeping me on my toes as much as his 3-year old brother does.
I now have to manage two children's schedules on top of my own - I call it Mommy Admin.
It's hard dividing my time and attention between the two, but I try.

Anyway, I can finally smell the weekend (yay), as well as my three stinky boys (two small ones and one extra-large). Looking forward to spending time with them. Andy wants to hit the town to do some Xmas shopping. Oh goody.

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