Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post-Christmas update

Hiya! How was your Christmas holidays?
Ours was slightly bordering on insanity. I gave the helpr a day-off and the house was in a mess and I couldn't get anything done with a baby hanging from my boob and a pre-schooler zipping around at warp speed.
I woke up 2 hours earlier than usual on a non-working day and whisked my troopers (the husband and two kids) off to Church, and after that it was to a kids Xmas party at Peekaboo, an indoor playground at Kallang Leisure Park where we joined my friend, Twinkle & her hubby/kids.

For those staying in the East like us, here's one more venue to bring your kids.
Check out They often have themed parties (Children's Day, Halloween, Christmas) and can be booked for children's 1st Birthdays as well.
They also offer drop-offs for kids 4 and above for parents to go catch a movie at the cinema upstairs or simply have some time away from the kids.
Per entry on normal days: $18/child. Adult accompanying FOC.
** Bring your own socks!

Akashabu Jap restuarant: after church service lunchbreak and before heading to Peekaboo.
My little date & I both decked out in red.

Twinkle's 5 year-old, Alden, and his signature posey pose.

Alden. Going down the slide also must pose in style.. LOL

Rayden, same age as Adam.

Guess who??

Immersed in balls and being terrorised by Adam still can pose???

Twinkle's boys :)

Now we all caught the sickies. Thank goodness I'm off work and returning only next year, which granted, is only a few days away but still.... Hope you had fun this Christmas!

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