Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Sunday has been quite a bitch.

My Sunday has been quite a bitch.
Andy had some work to do (which dragged on practically all day), leaving me alone with the children.

It wouldn't have been so horrid if not for the fact that I slept at 1am from Andy's party the night before, and was awaken at 7am by one of the children whose name I shall not disclose.
He wanted to play with his new Transformer, but then he couldn't figure out how the limbs folded/ unfolded , so of course his mother had to be the one to his rescue every 30 seconds or so.
At 7am on a (very) tired Sunday morning when my eyes are barely open.
Fuck my life.

As my Sunday progressed, I was herding the same terrible child around the house like a neurotic border collie - to finish his breakfast, then his lunch, to get dressed after his bath, to make sure he washes his hands after going to the toilet, to get down for his nap.
My other child, whose name I shall also not disclose, was also quite cranky today. He wanted to be carried upright in the balcony to watch the kois swimming in the pond, and traffic go by downstairs.
I hardly get any rest anymore. I'm not talking about having uninterrupted sleep for 10 hours straight and waking up at noon on weekends.
I'm talking about I can't even go to the toilet to do my business without the need to be asked or shown something; and keeping insane hours with night-feeds and demanding children.

That is the reason why I shop. For my sanity. Which I more than make up for.

I was complaining to my Aunt how exhausted I am (I am soooo tired that I can just collapse on the floor and die). Later on, I overheard the particular child telling the helper "Aunty don't disturb Mummy she very tired want to die already".
I'm jealous of my husband. He came home, kicked off his socks, exclaimed what a long day he had and how happy he was to have clinched a deal, and promptly disappeared into a paradise called BATHROOM.
It's 11pm, and I still have the same T-shirt on since morning and I have not had a chance to visit the bathroom.

My birth control. Who needs ligation anymore ?

Well, at least not everyday is a Sunday (pls excuse the punny metaphor). And thank God for Mondays.

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