Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Perth Oct 2012: Whale watching

Mother and calf whale spotted!

Of the entire trip, I enjoyed the Whale-watching most. This was my first time on a chartered boat to look for whales and we were lucky it was a good day with perfect weather and lots of whale sightings.

Adam was enthusiastic about it and he told me he saw whales too. I asked them whether they were huge or tiny, he said they were small. His reason? Because they were far away and appeared small haha.

We spotted mother and calf humpbacks and they were very friendly and did not mind us at all.
One of them even swam right next to our boat and was quite an experience!

Did you know? A calf stays with its Mummy whale for 1.5 years and the Mummy whale breastfeeds her calf for 1 full year.

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