Tuesday, January 1, 2013

0101: Dim Sum with my family

Hello everyone! What are you doing on the first day of the new year?
For us, we had Dim Sum and Yumcha with my brother and Aunt LY at Peach Garden.
Good thing we made a reservation because it was crowded everywhere.

I was lamenting about how I woke up this morning with sore muscles, and my Aunt LY, without missing a beat, said it's because I'm old and don't do massages often. That's why it's always good to be around family. Brutal honesty works sometimes.

Meet my younger brother. He is four years younger than me and is not married, no kids. He spends his time and money on trading stocks, playing PS3 and keeping late nights.
Which is very much like me except for the trading stocks and playing PS3.

Here comes the food, trolley style! Trolleys are fantastic - something like buffet where you choose and get your food immediately, but even better because the food comes to you instead. Saves a lot of time waiting for orders.

You know you're a Mom when you can multi-task. Feeding the baby and myself? No problem!

Sharing some family jokes.

My all-time favourite Peking Duck.
Their steaming piping hot Liu sha bao very geng! One poke by my son's little finger and all the Liu sha oozes out.
Adam's and my must-have!


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