Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ashton takes his first baby bites

I am rather sad. As Adam is my firstborn, I anticipated every milestone and literally counted down the days on the calendar to when he could start feeding. Being the over-zealous new parent, I started feeding Adam at 4 months old.

With Ashton, I have been very relaxed and in fact, wish that he would stay a pudgy baby forever!
But Ashton has a mind of his own and doesn't think he should start solids later than his brother.
Sigh. Plan A out the window.
He's doing a very good personification of my husband staring at me like that. Eeek!

Very focused and eager to eat!

He's one happy bubba after his breakfast.
Ohh Ashton, you are Momma's pudgy baby. With you, I wanna delay growing up and also implement the things I didn't have a chance to do when with your elder brother.
Can you please stay a pudgy baby forever?

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