Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday: Marriot dinner with family

It was raining all day, so we spent the afternoon indoors at Robinsons Centrepoint buying some items for the household. For the record, Adam's new Transformer belongs in the home and therefore is considered a household item.
We ended our weekend with a 3-hour long buffet marathon at Marriot Cafe with my in-laws. You heard right! You know you are a parent when criteria for a good dinner is if you manage to finish your meal without tantrums from either kid (or yourself).
Beaming proud Momma here.

So loving my black sequin scallop top which I bought from a pushcart at Terminal 3 B2.
Shine bright like diamonds in the sky!

My greedy foodie asked me to take a photo of him eating. He's vain like me!
The staff at Marriot Cafe were extremely friendly and helpful. Adam dropped a part from his new Trasnformer and the waiting staff helped look for it everywhere under our tables! We didn't manage to find it but I would like to commend their excellent service and going the extra mile. Thank you Marriot, for the wonderful dining experience!

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