Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cheers to motherhood, you will need that alcohol.

Have you ever felt this way?
You had a long week at work and it's finally the weekend, you come home to kids who behave like pests. Terrors. Naughty little urchins.
You attend to their 1001 needs, read books, go through the same nightly routines you have been doing for the past three years, eight months and duno-how-many days.
After both kids go down for their bedtime, you thought you finally have some precious time to enjoy the peace and quiet.
However, your husband attempts coitus and you feel like you are never ever gonna have enough rest.
Sure, there is the love and joy. You love your husband and the both of you created two beautiful human beings and brought joy to your lives. But I have to be honest. Motherhood is hard work.
If constant worrying, keeping your children out of harm, dealing with cries and tantrums, reasoning for thousand times over the same ol' thing, putting their needs before yours, is what you do day in, day out x 365 days a year, then when you finally get some me-time, you want to jump for joy and shout Hallelujah.
That's why I have a cabinet of bubbly in my home. For emergencies and tough times... although it has become one time too often lately. Tonight is one such night.
Once both kids are knocked out, I wasted no time in popping a bottle to enjoy the quietness and me-time. I told Andy not to talk to me unnecessarily and thankfully he retreated to watch his soccer match without disturbing me.
Even drinking champagne in my balcony wearing my ratty T-shirt and shorts feels like a treat!
Oh, cheers to being Mumzilla! I need the alcohol.


  1. Cheers to e never-ending tedious,teary,tantrums enduring & not understanding husband motherhood!!!

  2. Yes Rac sometimes I really do feel like that !


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