Thursday, January 3, 2013

Still under the weather

I've been sick for a week now.
I requested for a super dose of antibiotics from my GP, the kind which knock you out the entire day but when you wake up you feel like a brand new person altogether, but because I'm breastfeeding, my doctor says I should "keep things simple" for now and just depend on rest and vitamins and let my body heal by immunity rather than drugs.
Being sick but still having to tend to my two children, that's probably the hardest thing to do.
Of course, the festivities and feasting could have attributed to this, but so is my insane schedule I think.

Waking up twice a night to breastfeed, then up at 6am to get ready for work, reaching my in-law's after work for dinner and by the time we reach home it's 9pm.
By the time I settle down, bathe and play with the kids/ put them to bed, it's easily 11pm.
Then the baby wakes up another 2-3 hours later for a feed, then another.
Repeat cycle 100 times.

Little wonder I'm still sick.

I desperately need a solution for this.
Either I switch school for Adam to one near my own place and get my MIL to come over to help supervise the maid (so I can go home directly after work and shave a lot of time doing "nothing" at my in-law's), or I quit my job & be a Supermom  (which may result in lots of high-pitched screams and tantrums, from me).

I have to discuss this with the husband, though I suspect he's not too jazzed about the second option.
Right now, all I need to do is SLEEP... Fall into deep, therapeutic slumber. Good old-fashioned medicine. Sleep. Uninterrupted rest.


  1. Popped by via Serene's blog :)

    Man..that's tough and I really respect you! It makes my 4-day old fever and flu sounds trivial!

    Take care and get well soon! :)

    1. thanks 'Rene! Age is catching up on me... When I was young, a cold was just a cold and a cough was just a cough.. Now, it takes AGES for me to recover from a simple virus. Dang...

      old already is like that.


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