Friday, January 4, 2013

Quick dinner with Hubby: Chikuwatei Jap restaurant

We happened to be in town tonight after work / an errand run so we dropped by Mohd Sultan for dinner. I was still a little sick, therefore Hubby chose the only harmless food for me - Japanese.

We were at Chikuwatei.

Not in the mood to dress up so simply threw on whatever was in the clean pile of laundry:
Black satin blouse:
MDS Collections
Red cigarette pants: MNG
Bag: Balenciaga

Our sashimi platter served with fresh and thick pieces of fish.

Chawanmushi with prawn and fish roe.

I had the eel set while Hubs ate their beef.

It was an impromptu decision but nonetheless a good dinner.
The place wasn't crowded and the food arrived at our table very fast. I like.

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