Thursday, April 25, 2013

Charmaine's birthday lunch: Irodori Jap restaurant


My pretty gal pal turned 28 recently and we had a belated celebration with her today at Irodori Jap Restaurant, Riverview Hotel.
Dearest Charm, I wish you good health and tremendous joy in your life, and may all good things fill up your days so you will not feel dejection or unhappiness ever and always!
We have known one another for sooooo many years already, when you were still studying and when Royce was still a puppy, till now we are all married and became lao Aunty.. And even bought apartments in the same estate so we can be neighbours and peep at each other from balcony. Muahahaha.

Appreciate that even though you don't have (human) kids yet, but you always make effort to talk about our kids.
Enjoy our nonsense in Whatsapp always gossiping and sharing dirty jokes which never fail to brighten up a boring day at work.

Love you so much Sweetheart!
Love, XOXO,

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