Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kids day out to River Safari: Panda overload

 If you are born in the 80s like me, you'd have grown up knowing Ah Meng the Orangutan, and Xin Xing and An An the 2 pandas whom China loaned to us for a mere 100 days.

This time, Kai Kai and Jia Jia will be here for 10 years as part of forging political ties between Singapore and China.
The boys: Adam and Morgan are born just weeks apart and get on fabulously. Most of the time anyway. Heh.

Do you know what are the Rivers of the world?

Mississippi River: home to the beaver, spatula-snouted Mississippi paddlefish and the alligator gar (a prehistoric river monster that's been around for 100 million years).


Prehistoric fish: alligator gar.

Mekong River: pictured below are the Mekong giant catfish (the largest freshwater fish), and the giant freshwater stingray.

Yangtze river: China's longest river is home to some of the world's most critically endangered wildlife.
Catch sight of the world's largest amphibian, the Chinese Giant Salamander, as well as the rarely seen Yangtze alligator.

Yangtze alligator.

Then we went to the much-raved about Panda enclosure, the Giant Panda Forest!

Adam's Chinese namesake! Panda Kai Kai is 2 years older than Adam.

Red panda

Can't tell Kai Kai and Jia Jia apart. Can you??

Top: Zebra tank from Bugis Village
Shorts: Salmon pink scallop shorts from
Love Bonito
Bag: Louis Vuitton Trevi PM
Slippers: Tory Burch

My very own cuddly Kai Kai

We were lucky that we managed to catch both Kai Kai and Jia Jia because I heard they sometimes go into hiding.

All that walking is making everyone hungry. Let's go to Mama Panda Kitchen!

Panda overload

Fancy a Panda pao?

Morgan's panda lunch set

Adam's set - Panda pao, ice-cream and almond jelly.

Hubby's panda cuppa.

Sat on panda chairs somemore.

After lunch, we walked on to the Amazon Flooded Forest, showcasing the annual flooding of the Amazon Forest. 


Next up: at the Squirrel monkey forest

Very tame monkeys that were not afraid to come up close and personal

Manatees feeding on cabbage

An arapaima came face to face with Adam


Pandassador at the souvenir shop

On our way out, back to the car, we came across a pair of Peacocks, with the male showing off to the female. So pretty!

 Other rivers of the world:

Ganges River in India, with the Indian Gharial, a fish-eating crocodile, and the Goonch catfish which is a maneater.
River Nile: the lifeblood of ancient Egyptian civilisation is a habitat for creatures both spectacular and savage. Brace yourself for the razor-sharp teeth of the tigerfish and monstrous appetite of the Nile Perch.
Congo river: look out for schools of rainbow-colored fishes like Congo tetra, kribernsis and jewel cichlid.
Murray River: featuring the Murray cod, Australia's largest freshwater fish, and the Australian Lungfish, a rare living fossil with ancestors older than the dinosaurs!


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