Wednesday, April 3, 2013

[sponsored review] KOSÉ INFINITY

About 2 weeks back, I received a set of KOSÉ's newest products - full-sized INFINITY range of whitening lotion and serum for blog review purpose.
Thank you KOSÉ Singapore for your generosity because I have started bringing Adam for his weekly swimming lessons and also, from our recent family cruise, as well as an upcoming fishing trip, I have been exposed to the harmful rays of the sun!
The inevitable sacrifices of parenthood isn't it??
I have been using KOSÉ INFINITY products religiously every day and night for almost 2 weeks now, and would like to share with you information about this popular Asian brand's new range.

Applying INFINITY Realizing White Lotion as a first step after washing my face. The lotion has the liquid consistency and translucency of toner, and is rapidly absorbed into the skin simply by patting onto clean face.
I always do it when my face is still slightly damp after washing as my pores are still open.

2nd: Just a tiny amount of INFINITY Realizing White Serum is enough for the entire face. Likewise, I apply this serum vaguely onto my entire face and then pat my whole face till everything is absorbed into the skin. Even though the consistency is thicker than the Lotion, it still gets abosrbed very quickly. My face is not sticky or oily after applying this! 
I even packed these babies in my luggage for my cruise trip! Used a clean Ferragamo shoe bag for them hehe. Diligently using this product :) 
Using patting motions for application instead of rubbing (adopted from Hada Labo's method). I have senstivie skin to begin with that's why I always swear by Organic products because I break out easily but after using KOSÉ INFINITY for 2 weeks, my skin is brighter, more radiant and most importantly, no breakouts!

Can you see the overall skintone of my face is slightly pinkish compared to my hands which are yellowish??
I love, love this product!
Kojic acid is one of the main ingredients compounded in INFINITY Realizing White XX range. It has a small molecular size and discovered over 100 years ago. In 1988, Kojic acid was the second active whitening ingredient after Vitamin C, approved by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
That's not all. As an introductory offer, KOSÉ is giving 10% off their INFINITY range (from now till 30 April 2013).
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KOSÉ Singapore Facebook page

 Thanks for reading my skin whitening experience and hope you found this review useful :)

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