Monday, April 8, 2013

Gyukaku dinner with my gal-pals

Had a most wonderful dinner with the gals I adore. Known one another since we were 13, and now we are all 30 and have / gonna have kids of our own. Still remember last time we used to don Ferragamo belts, carry MCM or JPG bags..and we joined Girl Guides as our ECA so we had the weekly marching and reciting of Girl Guides pledge. HAHAHAHAH laugh die.
Time has definitely flown by.

Japanese Charcoal BBQ with Wagyu beef at Gyukaku, United Square.

Siew Wei and Jarred, who is the same age as Adam, born just a month apart!

Let our men do the cooking while we ladies chattered away (accompanied with loud guffaws).

Scrumptious wagyu~
My lovely gals... Huiwen (pictured 2nd from top left) is now 5 months pregnant with her No.2.. (another) boy!
And Angeline (2nd from right) is currently 4 months pregnant with their 1st baby! A girl!! First girl in our group. So excited for them until my heart gonna explode... Haha!

I keep scaring Angeline with stories of balding, the woes of painful boobs, how their lives are gonna be changed FOREVER. So terrible. Hehe!
Now she can join in our (boring) topics of strollers, milk bottles and breast pumps!

As an aside, Huiwen's hubby looks like Sean Yue lor. Why so handsome!! (see picture below):

 and their son Liam looks like Daddy, so he's gonna be a heartbreaker!
So good to meet up with my gal pals. We hardly have the time to meet, and our schedules do not always coincide, but when we do eventually gather, we have so much fun and laughter talking nonsense... about life, about our babies, about our past, about anything and everything.
So love these gals and cannot wait to meet our new additions at their baby showers!

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