Saturday, September 28, 2013

Baby Joan's 1st Month shower.

Attended Andy's cousin's baby shower today.
Our family very productive, every now and then have babies popping everywhere.
Baby Joan is Suzanne and Darren's No. 3!
Suzanne's home-made cuppies.

Personalised magnets for the guests

People with sweet-tooth like me love to have my cake and eat it too!

My fatty cannot slide down on his own, need my helper to assist.. LOL


Andy's poor uncle with the snarling babies.

More snarling babies.

Cousin Cristal with her daughter Adrinna and baby Joan.

I think Hubby doesn't want a daughter is it, because his expression like that. Hmmmfft.
Or maybe he doesn't like to take photos with me :P

Take 12431: Happy kids on a beautiful weekend morning is love!

Take 70652

My outfit for the day:
Cobalt blue ruffles blouse (old):
Black shorts: MNG
Coral bag: Prada
Shoes: Ferragamo

This is my first Prada nylon bag and I love its good quality nylon, plus it is really lightweight and holds up well despite me putting my camera, water bottle and all my barangs.
You know lah, Aunty never go out underprepared.
I like this bag so much for its cheerful color and functionalilty.
Maybe I should get the black nylon gaufre tote as my work bag.

Okiesss I am heading to MBS for dinner now.
Bye and lovely weekend!

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