Monday, September 30, 2013

What a refreshing weekend I've had.

Sunday in-the-middle-of-the-night, it started raining cats and dogs and thunderstorms, which woke my poor Adam and he cried "I'm scared of thunder Mummy help me please!!!"
So I got up and slept beside Adam and hushed him back to sleep. I then walked out to drink a glass of water and looked at the time. It was 2.40am.  Went back to sleep in the boys' room, with Ashton on his mattress as it is more spacious.

Suddenly, at Godknowswhat time in-the-middle-of-the-night, I woke up feeling terribly cold. Someone had turned on the aircon on top of the fan which was already on, and was snoring on Adam's bed. It was The Husband.
I pulled the covers on Ashton and myself and went back to sleep.

Suddenly, again, at Godknowswhat time, I was stirred from sleep.
This time, Ashton woke up for milk, crying. Which woke Adam as well.
Adam realized it was Andy asleep beside him and said he wants me to sleep with him instead.
I walked to the kitchen to fix milk for Ashton, put him to sleep beside Andy on his mattress, and climbed into Adam's bed. It was 5:30am and my first alarm went off shortly after.

I decided to sleep a little longer and be careful not to wake Adam because he had been weary from the night's thunderstorm and I know he's not sleeping soundly from all his tossing and turning. Got jabbed and elbowed by him several times.

At 6am, I finally crawled out of bed to start my Monday.
What a refreshing and rejuvenating weekend I had!
I'm having a great start to a brand new week already.


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