Sunday, September 29, 2013

KKH "I wanna be famous" D&D 2013

Dinner and Dance at Marina Bay Sands with my wonderful colleagues tonight.
Super love these girls. Always laugh non-stop at work, especially with Twinkle (wearing floral dress pictured with me), my twin and partner in crime!

See my colleague Grace so unglam go and shift chair herself hehehe.

Close-up of the gold lacy dress I wore tonight. Love the details and non-sheer material of this dress from

Outfit of the night:
Etoile lace overlay dress:
Nude heels: Christian Louboutin pigalle
Bag: Chanel
Pearl earrings and pearl necklace: Chanel
 Halfway through my dinner, I received a call from Adam. He said he's waiting for me to get home and bathe him. It was 9:20pm.
When I reached home at about 10:45pm, both boys stared at me wide-eyed, not about to sleep anytime soon. I got down to bathing Adam and settling both kids into their nightly routine.
As expected, my social life at the moment is nullified.

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