Friday, September 20, 2013

Do you travel without your kids?

The other night Andy and I were discussing a weekend trip to Bangkok for massage, street food and shopping when Adam chimed in and said he's never been to Bangkok before, can he come with us? Suddenly, thoughts of relaxing with drinks at the bar after massage are replaced by mental images of kidnapping and human trafficking. Needless to say, we shelved the plan.

Prior to that discussion, I had walked out of the shower and my kids pounced on me and stuffed a ball under my t-shirt. Adam asked me to have more babies as he loves babies, and asked if he can have babies.

Every evening they see me at the door, their eyes light up like a pack of lions who seen prey and I know my hopes for a wind-down evening is gone.
My kids are totally obsessed with me, I'm not sure why even though I'm a FTWM, but I guess it means I must be doing something right.

I gave up so many holidays for them - there are so many places I want to visit but I can't stand the thought of them pining for me (and me, for them) everyday till I'm home.

It's been years since we travelled alone, ever since Adam came into our lives. Therefore, I can't quite understand how some couples can go on vacations without their kids. Will I really enjoy my trip with a nagging worry for how my kids are doing so many nights without me sleeping by their sides?
I think the separation anxiety might just kill me.

But more than anything, I know my kids would never allow me to walk through the door, luggage in tow, without them!
Even a trip to the neighbourhood 7-11 becomes a family excursion.

I think holidays are out for the next 10 years.
Andy captured this photo of the boys and I. I had just stepped out the shower when they clung on to me, and Adam stuffed a ball under my shirt.

I have cling-wrap children!

Siblings are the first people who teach you that true love encompasses kinship, jealousy, fights, making up, and being in love all over again.
P.S. Contrary to the universal Law of Parenting, I love my kids.

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  1. Totally agree with your post! I cannot see myself travelling without my kids because I am so afraid of troubling others to help me take care of my kid. And, as parents, we know it is NOT easy to take care of a kid especially they are in their active stages now! In fact, Im going to BKK this Dec with both my parents and in laws with our kid in tow! Hehehehe... your friendly neighbour (piggyez)


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