Sunday, September 15, 2013

Claypot frog leg porridge in cold weather.

We were with Adam at his swimming lesson when the skies suddenly became overcast and started raining. Looks like we'll be seeing less of Instructor Desmond for a while.
On a positive note, Adam can swim short distances without any aid now. I'm proud of him!
My weekly shuttling and waiting for an hour at the pool has paid off :)
Hubby suggested to have frog leg porridge on a whim so we drove to this porridge eating house in Hougang.
Sin Heng Kee PorridgeBlock 685 Hougang Street 61 (off Avenue 8) #01-150.
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 6AM - 9:30PM

My big baby is hungry after his swim and nap!

Our claypot frog leg porridge and raw fish slices are here!

Chunky, juicy frog legs.

I haven't had frog leg porridge in 2 years. #truestory
It was a good lunch, washed down with warm Milo. Perfect in wet weather.

Outfit of the day:
Orange blouse: Mango
Electric blue shorts: Cotton On

Bag: Chanel GST in Beige with GHW
Shoes: Ferragamo Bermuda jelly flats in Rose gold.
Accessories: Chanel pearl necklace, Rolex watch.

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