Saturday, September 14, 2013

Starting the weekend with my dearest people.

With work, Adam's Sunday swim lessons, and the fact that it is logistically quite tough to bring both kids from the east all the way up to Woodlands, we have not visited my parents' in a long time.
My parents live in a quaint and old neighbourhood in Woodlands, with my big family of three generations consisting of my Grandma, parents, aunt, and my two younger brothers.
When we were young, my aunt quit her job to look after the 3 of us as kids because my parents were both working.
Although she was not our parent, she became both our father and mother when my parents were not around (they both work shifts), seeing to our homework and taking note of our exam dates.
She was also our maid and cook, doing all the chores without complain.
Subsequently, my aunt started looking after my Grandma a few years ago when she had recurrent falls and was in and out of hospital. Now, my Grandma is in her late 80s and uses the aids of a walking frame and quad stick to help her ambulate.
Today, Andy went fishing with his friends so I made plans to meet my Aunt for breakfast in my old neighbourhood.

My aunt with her "born-3-years-apart" twin grand-nephews.

Once in a while, I crave for this simple but comforting breakfast.

The neighbourhood barber, with its retro spinning pole, and the clinic have been around for AGES.

Dressed-down outfit for the day:
C√ČLINE white tee from
Denim shorts with rolled up hem: random online shop
Bag: Hermes Evelyne GM III in Etoupe
Purse: Hermes Dogon in Blue Jean
New high-ankled kicks with ribbon laces and studs: GAP
These shoes are made for running after my children, love em!

Since young, we have always treasured family togetherness.
We openly discuss about our problems at school/work/relationships and share our triumphs.
Although my family is not rich, my parents worked hard to put us through school and made sure we were not grossly in lack of anything compared to our peers.
 We did not have computers until I went to secondary school, my favourite game was Nintendo Mario and my brothers loved SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog.
We dipped Jacobs square biscuits into Milo as an after-school snack.
My parents did not parent-volunteer or do anything insanely extreme, we all went to the same neighbourhood primary school but both my brothers became Hwa Chung scholars and went to uni respectively.
I did not particularly enjoy studying but managed to obtain my Degree in the end.
There was no Wi-Fi but we played and talked to one another.
My brothers and I fought but we always made up.
Today, my children love playing with their two kao-fu (uncles).
My family has always, ALWAYS been there for one another - on occasions when Andy couldn't make it for my antenatal scans, my Aunt was there, for BOTH my pregnancies.
She has seen my lady bits and my boobs.
When we got the keys to our first home, my family was there.
When anyone was in trouble, we will always be there.
Your family are the only ones who will back you up!
We are very blessed and happy.
What do you remember from your own childhood?
 "Do not educate your child to be rich. Educate him to be happy. So that when he grows up, he'll know the value of things, not the price" - Anonymous.

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