Saturday, August 9, 2014

49th National Day celebration in Adam's kindergarten.

 Celebrated National Day in Adam's kindy yesterday.
I woke up at 5:30AM to boil eggs and make sandwiches.
Kids arrived super early to get ready for a small performance for the parents.

Ah Beng Ashton Tan.

Adam's art work got displayed in front of the Principal's office :P

Their breakfast menu (just for my own reference).


It was an entire day of ferrying the kids around for me.
Driving up and down to my Mum's, to Andy's office, then to dinner and finally back home.
Super exhausted until we just all collapsed after bath-time and Andy and I missed our midnight Marvels movie!

But on the good side, this year is the first time I attended his National Day school party.
Last year, Adam asked me why other kids' mummies attended but not me?
I felt super guilty because I am a FTWM, but to a child, that 2 hours of your presence in a school event makes a world of difference because you are his world!
Therefore, I made the effort to take leave this year, plus I promised him I will make sandwiches for his friends (as his teacher called me up and requested me to bring some finger food, I gladly agreed).

 It's a tough job being a Mum, juggling so many different roles and tasks, making sure everybody is reasonably happy.
For my kids, I promise to try my best.

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