Monday, August 25, 2014

[sponsored post] Vaby subscription box is here!

Hi Mummies! You've heard of Bella Box and the like, but what about Vaby Box?
It's the mummy and children version of subscription boxes, and I guarantee you will be delighted with the quality products Vaby packs for you.
It's either they've got really awesome sponsors, or are very generous, or both!
Let's take a look at August's Vaby box:

For mummies: Korean Adhesive Labra from La Brassiere. Comes in a nice zip-up storage pouch which is handy for travel as it protects its shape.
I've yet to try it though, due to lack of occasion.

For babies:
Skip Hop zoo bib
Baby Organix natural cotton diaper
Idocare Lavender Fields concentrated laundry detergent (1 box is good for 30 full adult loads or 40-45 full loads of baby clothes).
Nurtureme organic fruit snack
Portable pencil mini fan
Kids Party entertainment voucher
The Playhouse unlimited play pass at Rochester.

Baby Organix natural cotton diapers made in Korea: made with natural cotton, it is soft and comfortable as the inside is made with 0.0163mm fine fibre. Gentle to baby's sensitive skin, it contains mild olive leaf extract that is naturally anti-bacterial, preventing diaper rash.

"It is breathable and comfortable!"
I wore it for Ashton's bedtime to give it a test-drive through the night.
Verdict: even though it is thinner than his normal brand diaper, it didn't leak and could hold all the night's pee.

5 star product!

Each packet is SGD$17.90, comes in sizes S, M, L, XL.
You may purchase full sized item of this Baby Organix cotton diaper at Vaby's website HERE.

Adam and Ashton love this Nurtureme organic dried fruit snack. I took a sample of it before giving the kids and I must say the banana and pineapple are really yums!

Foodie Ashton never gets left out when there is anything to eat.

The Skip Hop zoo bib comes with a pocket for spillage and is water-resistant to keep mealtimes neat and tidy! At only SGD$4.90, it's really quite a steal.
 You can join the subscription for monthly Vaby boxes to be delivered to you, or purchase full-sized items you like at:
Have fun shopping!
p.s. I'm delighted by the kind understanding by Vaby for accommodating me on my busy schedule and giving me lots of grace. It's been an honourable experience partnering with you and I look forward to future collaborations. You have been nothing but exceptional in your service and products :)

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