Friday, October 16, 2015

Lands' End: Personalized school bags are here!

My firstborn, Adam, is going to Primary school next year.
My 2009 baby is so grown up *sobs*
We have been searching for a suitable school bag for him some time now, from the Japanese "randoseru" (ランドセル) in Tokyo, which the boy wore in the famous Doraemon cartoon, but it was around SGD$800 after currency conversion, to Deuter Scholar series bags, but they were very heavy even without anything in them.
In the end, upon some surfing, I saw Lands' End personalized bags.
 It was also very timely that Andy's cousin posted a photo of her son receiving his Lands' End bag from US.

They have several designs for girls as well!

To order your Lands' End personalized bags, head on to Lands' End website.
They ship direct to Singapore from US, with tracking number provided.
If you wanna order personalized name stickers for your child(ren)'s books, click here for

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  1. Hi,
    Happened to chance upon your blog while looking for pri one bags. Was the Lands' End bag good enough for P1?


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