Sunday, October 11, 2015

Farm-hopping Sunday: Kok Fah Vegetable farm weekend market and Farmart

In support of the Farm-to-table movement, we decided to go searching for places which has locally-grown edibles.
Today morning, the weather was great. We dropped Adam off at my parents' place in Woodlands (he wanted to do gaming with my brother) and headed right to Sungei Tengah for some farm-hopping.
First stop:
Kok Fah Technology Farm Pte Ltd
18 Sungei Tengah Road 698974
Tel:  67656629
Kok Fah Technology farm weekend market Singapore

Here, they sell flowers, gardening tools and accessories, and pots upon pots of flowers, vegetables and fruit - okra, eggplant, capsicum, chilli, guava.

Kok Fah technology farm singapore Mumzilla Veron

Kok Fah Technology farm local produce Singapore


Who'd have known nestled in the deep veins of Sungei Tengah Road would be this lively weekend market bustling with people and activity, and local farmers selling their produce?

I would never have guessed to buy vegetables and local produce here but when we arrived at 11am, the place was already crowded with many cars!

Mumzilla Veron Zhen peanuts
A bouquet of.... peanuts.

peanuts fresh off the soil
花生 fresh off the ground.

Grow your own vegetable kits available on sale here.
I am looking for Mushroom kits!

Wahhh so many Aloe Vera!

local cat kuching Singapore
Lazy kuching

Kok Fah Techonology weekend market farm Singapore

Support local farmers and produce. This way, you are not paying a CEO for his next vacation or holiday home, but helping small local businesses sustain their living.
Another thing I like about supporting local produce: zero air- or ship-time.
It's freshness at its best.

We bought a week's supply of Kai lan, corn, winter melon and old cucumber for our own consumption and for my Aunt, then we went to our next stop: Farmart.

No photos today but do check out our previous visit to Farmart HERE.

Did I mention our Farmart post was featured on The Smart Local feature - 50 Fun & Free things to do in Singapore? :)

Do check it out and support local produce. Eat healthy, be healthy!
Next up: I would like to find local organically grown vegetables.


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