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{sponsored} LipHop *NEW* Sunscreen series for adults and children.

Let's be honest, finding the perfect sunscreen isn't easy.
From the very expensive ones right down to your drugstore brands, some leave you with a white film on your face, some leave your face looking like a grease-pan without you even sweating.
I've tried numerous - from Shu Uemura to Nivea, and STILL I am constantly on the lookout for THE ONE.
The one that won't leave my face sticky and oily, the one that won't burn a hole in my pocket, the one with the right SPF index and all.
When will my perfect one appear?
I was invited to LipHop's media launch, but because I could not attend it, the fabulous girls from LipHop team couriered over their complete new range of LipHop sunscreen and sun care products to me!
I'm stoked!
Let's see what we have here:
Liphop sunscreen, sun protection, sun care products sponsored review Singapore blogger Mumzilla Veron Zhen

Hypoallergenic formula at SPF50 PA+++ specially made for KIDS, SGD$9.90.
Water and sweat-resistant makes it the perfect companion for swim lessons and outdoors fun.
If you have kids like mine, you know that the great outdoors is inevitable and they DO sweat A. LOT.
It is so thoughtful of LipHop because now I can say "bye bye" to their previous brand which is thick and sticky.
I want my children to smell like summer, not chlorine, thanks.

SPF80 Pa+++ Ultra-whitening sun protection lotion which contains *Melavoid, SGD$12.90.

* Melavoid™ is a natural, lightening active ingredient that decreases skin tone evenly and uniformly, thus reducing the number of different types of hyperpigmentation spots. 

SPF115 PA+++ Super Defence EX Sun Protection milk, SGD$12.90, for double protection for those of you active and sporty ladies.
I'm neither sporty nor active, I can't run to save my life, and the last time I climbed stairs or swam was ... I cannot remember already.
But I will use this when I need to be out in the sun with my children doing their childreny activities which unfortunately often involves some sun.

SPF50 PA+++ Lightweight sun protection spray, SGD$12.90.
Unique, non-sticky formula gives it a powdery finish.

After sun exposure, treat your skin to some thirst-quenching with this 100% Aloe Vera after sun gel, SGD$7.90.

Liphop ultra-whitening sun protection lotion singapore blogger
I tried the LipHop SPF80 PA+++ sunscreen as I intend to replace my Nivea for my everyday sunblock.

Let's see this lotion work it...

Liphop ultra-whitening sun protection lotion Singapore blogger

Photo not edited for imperfections, facial tone an flaws left as is.

Liphop sun protection lotion Singapore bloggers
The white lotion is light and absorbs into skin immediately, leaving no whitish film or shiny sheen on my face.
It has passed my skin absorbency and after-cast colour test with flying colours :D
Love it!

Now I shall let my children be the guinea pigs :P
Let's do some outdoors activities.

 LipHop Kids Hypoallergenic SPF50 PA+++ Sun protection lotion.

Liphop kids hypoallergenic sun protection lotion Singapore blogger sg kids, SMB

 Only the tested arm has sunblock. No sticky and white residue.

Letting the kids go scoot-free! #lame

I'm quite the drugstore girl - drugstore brands work great and cost so much lesser than their designer counterparts.
I use KATE face powders and Canmake eyebrow pencil, Canmake blusher palette etc as I really love browsing the beauty and makeup products all at once in drugstores.
Right now, I will add LipHop as my other drugstore must-have item!

LipHop sunscreen and sun care products are available at your nearest Guardian Pharmacy.

Sunscreen FAQs
Is high-SPF (sun protection factor) sunscreen better than a low-spf one?
Dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, which blocks 97 percent of the sun’s rays. Higher-number SPFs block slightly more of the sun’s rays, but no sunscreen can block 100 percent of the sun’s rays.
Currently, there is not any scientific evidence that indicates using a sunscreen with an SPF higher than 50 can protect you better than a sunscreen with an SPF of 50.
It is also important to remember that high-number SPFs last the same amount of time as low-number SPFs. A high-number SPF does not allow you to spend additional  time outdoors without reapplication. All sunscreens should be applied approximately every two hours

Are spray sunscreens safe?
The challenge in using spray sunscreens is that it is difficult to know if you have used enough to cover all sun-exposed areas of the body, which may result in inadequate coverage.
Never spray sunscreen around or near the face or mouth. Spraying adequate amounts of the sunscreen into your hands and then applying the sunscreen can help you avoid the fumes while also ensuring adequate coverage. When applying spray sunscreens on children, be aware of the direction of the wind to avoid inhalation.

How can I protect my baby or toddler from the sun?
Sunscreen use should be avoided if possible in babies younger than 6 months.
Ideally, parents should avoid exposing babies younger than 6 months to the sun’s rays.
The best way to protect infants from the sun is to keep them in the shade as much as possible, in addition to dressing them in long sleeves, pants, a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses.
Make sure they do not get overheated and that they drink plenty of fluids. If your baby is fussy, is crying excessively or has redness on any exposed skin, take him or her indoors.
For the rest of Sunscreen FAQs, please go to American Academy of Dermatology for more information.

P.S. all photos taken with the new Olympus OM-D E-M10Mark II, which is currently on loan to me for review purposes. Hope to post a justified review of the camera soon!


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