Sunday, October 4, 2015

{sponsored} Discount code! personalized name stickers for all children's schooling needs.

There are name labels and there are name labels.
At Stickerkid Sg, this creative company specialises in high quality, Swiss-made name stickers for children to mark their belongings and clothes.
24hour despatch, water resistant, dishwasher safe, mircowave safe name stickers stickerkid sg
Yeap, you read right!
Stickerkid name stickers are water resistant, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, washing machine safe, and more.
They also despatch your orders in 24 hours.
We are stoked to receive a set just for Adam because he's heading to official school in 2016.
The beginning of 10 years of education in Singapore...
Adam Tan Tian Kai, Stickerkid SG, Stickerkid Singapore
A personalized set of name stickers for my Primary One going kid.

Stickerkid Singapore, Stickerkid SG
They can not only be used to mark books and stationery...

name stickers for shoes
but also for shoes, especially useful in childcare centres and preschools where kids need to remove their shoes.
Or even when you go to indoor playgrounds. Brilliant.

the round stickers can be used on bottles and sippy cups.
and even iron-ons for clothes!

Honestly, Stickerkid has got to be the bespoke name-label maker for all parents and children.
I was just asking my mummy-friend Serene about the name label maker from Popular bookstore and God must've heard and intervened by sending Stickerkid to me.
I like them so much I'm going to order a set for Ashton as well. He ever brought home a wrong Avent milk bottle before because his previous name sticker peeled off after several washes in school.
I guess with Stickerkid, no more such peely-wally occurances!
Go to Stickerkid SG to get your personalized name stickers right away!
discount code mumzilla stickerkidsg stickerkid Singapore
For all Mumzilla readers, don't forget to enter "mumzilla10" for your 10% discount!
 Thank you Stickerkid for sponsoring us with a set of these ultra-practical and cute stickers.
Will be ordering one set for our pre-schooler Ashton :)
*Up in my next post, I will be sharing about where we got our kids' personalized school bags.
Stay tuned for more.

*Edit to add: the post on personalized school bags for pre-schoolers up to older schooling kids is up.

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  1. Its good for DIY art and I'm to create one with a custom stickers> to make a new version of it.


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