Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Down memory lane

During our free time for these 2 days, Baby Adam & I have been doing a little project called the Memory Album :)
I will put him on his rocker and show him his neonate photos and tell him stories of when he was born etc.

Inside this album there are columns for memories like:
How Daddy & Mummy met, when Baby was conceived, names we considered, Birth story, Baby shower etc.

There is even a mess-free ink pad for taking baby's hand and foot prints.
Of course, with a wiggly messy 3 mth old, how mess-free can one expect?

Here's what happened to the "mess-free" ink pad: LOL

It looks like Baby Adam has 6 toes.. and I bet you dont want to see the hand-print one!
Baby Adam then clapped his feet together, smudging ink all over his legs, and as if to add a finishing touch, he promptly put his inky hand into his mouth.

I laughed so hard at my messy baby and that made Baby Adam chuckle as well :D
Both Mummy & Baby had a fun time cleaning up and piecing the Memory Album together with the hand & foot prints, his ultrasound scans and his truckload of photos, as well as writing the stories inside.

The finished product:

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