Saturday, June 26, 2010

Breakfast on a Saturday morning

It was 9.30am, and rise & shine for Kai. He woke up drinking little milk and wanted to have his breakfast straightaway. Mummy, on the other hand, was tired so...... made a quick - but nowhere simple - breakfast for Kai.

On the menu:
- Banana and fresh milk smoothie
- Multi-grain bread
- Cheddar cheese slice

Since he was 9 months old and able to eat different textured foods, I gave him finger foods to encourage his self-feeding.
And little beknown to all, but I usually spend bulk of my monies not on designer togs or toys for him but more on quality food for my baby.
Kai drinks Bellamy Organic milk, that's $45 per tin, per week alone!
On top of that, I try to let him eat as much organic fruits / veggies / rice as possible, especially greens with large surface areas of leaves, to minimise the congestion of hormones / antibiotics / GM foods / pesticides etc.

That said however, one must be careful to know that just because a food is grown free of pesticides, it doesn't make it organic. To be organic, the produce must be certified by accredited authorities. I usually trust Australian or US-certified organic foods because they have to go through stringent criteria for certification. They have to be grown in biologically appropriate environments right from the soil to the surroundings and even the water used to water the plants.

Other than organic produce, I pay attention to the labels on the food. For eg. fruit juice should be fresh from the fruit and not from concentrate, and wholegrain is better than normal rice or bread. And of course, everything in moderation. I dont encourage him to develop a sweet tooth, but I dont discourage him from consuming some diluted juice or "junk food" once in a while either.

So far, I'm extremely lucky that I rarely have food fights with him *touch wood* :P
I don't want my baby to be chubbier /heavier/stronger than the kid next door or cousin-so-and-so's-kid.. but it is important that he is healthy in his own right.

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