Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rest & relax

Kai enjoying some "me-time" in his hammock, drinking his milk and shaking leg. These are his precious moments which I do not interrupt.
I love how his Baby Zara short-sleeved shirt and berms look on him in this shot - casual with a resort look down pat. Here's a good compromise - boys can still look suave and play rough minus over-the-top dressing in SG's weather.
The Bubblegummer's are presents from Andy's cousin Cindy. Thanks Sis, you have good shoe sense! ;)

Mugging for my exam is making my mind a little bonkers. I'm soooo looking forward to next weekend for our KL shopping trip getaway, kinda like a prelude to our HK shopping trip in November if you may . This time, Aunt LY and Aunt Connie are coming along, which is fab because Aunt Connie is so well-travelled, she knows where the It places are not just in KL but all over the world.
As if GSS shopping hasn't done sufficient damage. More retail therapy for this Mommy please!

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