Friday, June 18, 2010

Photos: Family Chalet & BBQ

Some photos from a recent family BBQ before we leave for KL :)

Date: 16 June 2010
Venue: Aloha Changi chalet

Beautiful dusk before the dark

Andy's aunts and Kaikai

One of Andy's aunt's friends sculpted balloons to entertain the kids (in that case, only Kai, cos the other kids very big already haha)

Playful mon

Can you imagine I only had half a chicken wing that night and the other half went to a poor stray?
I feel even worse off than the stray cat. Super hungry, not enough food to go round for the kids and elders. Zzzzzzz

This is the 2nd worst BBQ even I ever been to, the 1st one was by the same organiser, where also not enough food to go around, and the guests in the end only had otah. This time slightly better, between Andy & I, we ate 3 satays, 2 hotdogs, fried beehoon, and half chicken wing (eaten by me). Super miserable. For goodness' sake, next time if you are organising a family BBQ for the young and old, please cater/buy enough food to BBQ lah...... ZZzzz...

Went home with a hungry stomach that night and felt utter miserable. Haiyooo..

But I digress. Some photos of me & Kai:

He ain't heavy, he's my son!

that's all for now. Catch everyone when we are back from our ultra short holiday!

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