Monday, June 21, 2010

KL road trip & Daddy's Day weekend - 19-200610

Saturday, 19 June 2010

"Are we ready folks?? I'm raring to go!"

After clearing the jam / stopping for toilet & food breaks / somemore jam, we finally arrived at KL in one piece!

Reached our hotel. Oh it feels so good to stretch our feet!

We parked at priority lobby lot


Our open-concept toilet

My Bubbly is just thrilled that all the sitting-still-in-the-carseat has paid off: he gets to romp around the bed and climb everywhere, YAY!

Mr Chuckles

Still very happy after a grand 15 minutes. Hee!

Darling Kai's crib

We settled down and then there was no stopping the shopaholics!

Outside Lot 10

Kaikai is excited as well - can you see him waving his hands in the air? Haha!

At Lot 10 and Sungei Wang

At Chinatown for dinner...

By nightfall, all adults and one baby were sweaty, sticky and had tired, abused feet. Time to head back to the hotel for a shower and World Cup!

Darling Kai & Mummy had lots of fun playing in the huge bathtub filled with his bubble bath and rubber duckies. It was divine. He enjoyed himself so much that he refused to get out of the tub and we had to carry him away, with him screaming!

After a clean & nice-smelling Kai is changed into his PJs, it's Daddy & Mummy's turn at the tub.
It feels so terrific after a long day of shopping and eating, to just relax in the bath, swigging red wine with the man I adore :)

The next morning:
20 June 2010

Kai's breakfast for the morning: Honey stars, baked beans, tomato, scrambled eggs and mango yogurt. WOW

Kai feeding himself honeystars

Aunt LY

After breakfast buffet on Father's Day, the deserving Dad gets a treat in Spa :D

On our drive back, we stopped over at Tangkak for their famous durians. Kai looks spaced out because he's so weary from the long drive

3 adults on 20 kilos of DURIANS.

Mmmmm.... This is heavenly!

King of fruits.

"Woah, everyone is stuffing themselves silly with durians but me"

All the species of durians in Tangkak are what we never even heard of - Golden Phoenix, No. 13, 5 Dragons, Milk Bottle (pictured below). They are all nicer than our top grade Mao San Wang.

This is the place to go to for famous durians, frequented by our local stars eg. Pan Ling Ling and the likes.

It was a great trip. So proud that we all made it in one piece - especially Baby Kai. It must've been unbearable for a baby to be trapped inside a carseat for so many hours on the road.

Happy 1st Father's Day, hubs!
Love you!
Your kayu wife.

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