Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fun at Gymboree Harbourfront (picture intensive)

We attended our first play class as a family together, and it was better than we expected!

Let the photos speak for themselves. But warning: photo intensive!

The Bugaboos and Orbits lining up..

Class proper begins...

Teacher Lily is very engaging and expressive that's why all the children love her

Kai clapping while being bounced in the air by Daddy

Going around in circles according to the music

Our happy kid still clapping away to the music

"The wheels on the bus go round and round...."

Lining up for the next activity: use of equipment

Going up the ramp and through the tunnel

"Hello Mummy! I'm a pro at Agility just like my buddy Maverick!"

Out of the tunnel and going down the slide

Kai rolling the huge ball to practice balancing

and bouncing on the ball

Daddy very tired after all the bouncing, going in circles, singing, clapping HAHAHA

After equipment use there was gathering in a circle and playing the "Busy Box"

Kai waving his musical instruments to the song-singing

Our dear enthusiastic boy is centre of the class

Andy & I both felt it was pure good clean fun for Kai to build up social skills, since he's the only baby at both homes (mine & Andy's) and faces old people and 2 dogs + a cat either way he goes.
I think the classes are more for his socalising and our parent-child bonding more than anything else.

Kai was enthusiastic about the whole affair, which made our whole experience worthwhile and exhilirating.
Very impressed with the small and manageable class size and I have to say, the Teacher was really good at catching the kids' attention and getting the group of 10-16 mth olds to be attentive.

Thumbs up for Gymboree!

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