Saturday, September 18, 2010

Detail Lab

You know, I am not that fanatic about cars. Apart from the fact that I do love my Baby Mobile loads and he has been my trusty companion on the roads everyday for the past one year - fetching me to work, school, home, places. That said, I won't readily spend alot of $$ on him either. Splurge on bags and clothes yes, but on really. The most expensive things I splurged on Baby Mobile were his Work Emotion rims which costed me about $2k. Even then I was like, I can buy a Chanel wallet and still have some change for $2k !! *gasp*
When I am feeling good, I handwash him and wax him up myself (with Hubby too), but on days when I can't really be bothered, I am guilty of mistreating him to the $3 carwash at Caltex Thomson. Ssshh.

But this week, I spent $400 to do car detailing/polishing. Come again? Who spends $400 on car grooming? But then again, who spends thousands on a single bag? Exactly. Millions of women (including yours truly here who is a sybarite)!
So yeah, I don't care if you accuse me of being extravagent but Ben (the boss of Detail Lab) is arguably The connoisseur for car detailing and the end result is definitely worth every cent.
He's really good with his hands. He uses top grade wax and his work takes up the entire day!

Ben is helpful and really friendly as well, and has a Golden Retriever plus an adorable baby so we kinda have things in common to talk about.

The finished work - my Candy White GTI is lustrous and oh-so-sexy, makes me have the urge to open my sunroof, wind down my windows and go for a spin at ECP in nothing but my Bikini and sunglasses, with the music blasting. Because if cars are men's mistresses, then my Baby Mobile is my lover.
Hahahaha I'm kidding about the bikini! :P

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