Friday, September 17, 2010

my Baby Mobile is injured.

When out grocery shopping with Kai on Wednesday, I accidentally scratched my rim on a kerb while exiting the carpark. See the first pic, the entire circumference of the rim is scratched white?!

And also, the 2nd photo shows a nick on my bonnet, though it is teeny and you probably wont notice if I don't say, but still, it's an eyesore to me now that I noticed.

Hubby won't pay. He said that he has to teach me a lesson if not I always don't treat my things with care. Yeah right. As if I would deliberately ram my car just to spend $$ on repairs meh... Still need to bring car to garage and leave there whole day lor.. Hmmph.
So anyway today, since I'm not working, decided to send my Baby Mobile to Detail Lab at Defu to do a full grooming and touchups. Ben, the owner, uses Swissvax or Dupont PPS which is like the Shangri-La of car waxes I suppose.
Here's a thread over at VW forum which discusses about Detail Lab.

I'm not a car pro so maybe you can hop over to the discussion thread and take a look for yourself.

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