Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Princess is born

On 6 Sept 2010, the stock came knocking and delivered a beautiful baby girl into the arms of my good friends Jenny and Palani.
Palani was brave to witness the birth of his precious princess and he even cut the umbilical cord! Woot!

Isn't Alyssa Grace the most precious little baby girl?

I popped over to visit Jenny and Baby today since I'm not working. She's so beautiful. I love her sharp features and crowning glory full of jet black hair.
I wanted to bake a diaper cake for her but she arrived earlier than her due date and I have no time to bake one. Maybe for her Full Month shower :)
All the pink and sweet saccharide girly stuff make me want a daughter for myself!

I may not say it, but Jenny & Pal are the best model couple I ever known. They are the kindest people I ever met, who wouldnt hurt even an ant, I swear it's true!
Baby Alyssa Grace is truly a blessed gift from the Divine. My dear friends they really do deserve such a precious little gift.

I know Palani is going to be the awesome Dad who is gonna protect her from the boys.
Now, I'm happy that Adam has more friends!

Lotsa Love,
Andy, Veron & Adam

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