Friday, September 3, 2010

This is terrible.

Andy has been working 12-hour days for the past coupla weeks.
Coupled with the fact that I am away for 9-hour periods almost everyday, I feel extremely guilty and unhappy that we are both missing out on our son's development, and seeing lesser of eachother.

I get up to work before sunrise. Andy and Adam are sound asleep.
I drive myself to work, Andy drives himself to work.
We get in touch with eachother through the day by means of SMSes and short tea-break calls.
I get home, spend some hours with Adam, feeding him, bathing him, tucking him to bed. I eat dinner alone.
When Andy gets home, both Adam & I are already sleeping.

Cycle repeats.

Do you see the big picture?
Where did our family togetherness go?
I miss the good old times. Simple times. We were poor but happy. Okay let me clarify, poor could mean differently to different people but yeah, you get the idea.
I didnt have my car then so Andy would send me to work / pick me home, sometimes with the dogs in tow. We went for suppers, and talked in the car, and talked to the dogs. This was then.

It's these little things that mattered. It's ironic. When people can afford luxury lifestyle, do they miss the small stuff that matter? When they have expensive bags hanging off their arms or nice cars at their disposal, do they think about the smell on their children's faces, or the wag of their dogs' tails? Or are they not even aware of what they're missing out on?

This is sad. But I promise, it is all for the better. It will only be temporary.


  1. Stay positive. May things turn for the better soon. :)

  2. Thanks Mieviee.. I try to stay positive and look forward. Hopefully it'll be the end of the year before I know it :)

    How I envy those SAHMs!


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