Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rohin Foundation

The other night, Aunty Meena called me and told me some sad news about her friend who has just given birth to a baby Boy and her sorry plight.
She told me when she first read about it, she cried the whole night.
The full story & blog can be found HERE .

This is Rohin, the baby boy, who is diagnosed with an extremely rare condition called Amyoplasia, which happens in 1 out of 3000 babies, and is a generalised lack of muscular development & growth.

Rohin & his family face many difficulties and challenges from financial burdens right down to the simple tasks of clothing and diapering him.

I feel really SAD. As a nurse and a parent myself, I truly believe that no parent / child should be allowed to go through sorrow so deep, and pain so intense.
It is easy for us to take our day-to-day blessings for granted. The simplicity of having a healthy, normal family can easily be overlooked by Man's shallow desires.

Therefore, I strongly urge you people to chip in and donate to Rohin so that he can go for his medical treatments.
Any amount will be greatly appreciated by his parents.


  1. A penny worth of advise...
    Please donate with cautious. Check the family financial situation and latest conditions. For one who ask for donations and later spend lavishly after, without considering kind receipts from donors, it's a shame.

  2. Dear Veron... sorry to send several comments for your approval, I just need to advise that you should remove the blog on rohin foundation or delete the sentence to plead for donation. Rohin's family has been doing well, having cars and renovating their house. Regardless of where the funds are from, I strongly believe that donations should go to good cause and people who deserve it. Lavishly spending within such short period and son still having such conditions is not just to donors who may live a humble live than they do.


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