Monday, September 6, 2010

Teething terrors.

Kai is having on-off fever over the weekend, and we had to miss Gymboree.
Other than fever, he's also having what the oldies say "green bean stools" - a pasty green diarrhoea-like poop with small bits which looked like green beans, and also loss of appetite. All he consumes are his breakfasts and milk.
Aunt LY, MIL and the Chinese Medical Hall people all think Kai is teething, his molars/pre-molars are probably erupting. He's also drooling like a tap lately.

Andy, MIL & I were worried and brought him to the hospital's A&E yesterday, but the doctor-on-call (not Dr Simon) didnt diagnose anything unusual and sent us home with Panadol syrup and some probiotics.
The doctor took his weight, which he was surprisingly still gaining despite the lousy appetite, and checked his ears, throat etc and gave us the clear.
Paranoid us :P

It's no fun when Kai is not his usual self... so hope he gets well soon!

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