Saturday, September 11, 2010

More Gymboree

Andy & Adam came to fetch me from work today.
Look at the outfit Daddy picked out for our son :

I havent seen this shirt since months ago, wonder how Daddy dug it out?
I'm surprised he can still wear it!

Adam absolutely looooveees the cable cars everytime we're at Harbourfront. He never fails to point out to them excitedly and repeat "nai nai" (nice nice)

We should probably get him on a cable car ride soon. Or two :)

Before he walks even 1m, he will keep hugging my legs and give me this puppy look which has "Mummy please carry me, pretty PLEASEEEE" written all over his forehead. How can refuse??

Class starts. My boys march forward with their er, balls.

The 2 men I adore most in my life sharing some male bonding:

my Charming Little King. Cest la vie!

Our Level 3 class is coming to an end, and will also mark an end to his Gymboree playgym which we attend once a week.
This is because in Jan next year when he turns 20 months old, Kai will be attending playgroup, and it's gonna be a 5-day week, 3 hour drop-off program.

It will be yet another new milestone for us, because it would be his first time being in a classroom setting without us accompanying him.
I am nervous!

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