Monday, October 11, 2010

Dinner with HongKie relatives

My Dad's relatives came to visit from Hong Kong so my parents threw a treat in town.
What do you get when you put a bunch of Cantonese together?

A nice sit-down 8-course dinner.

My Husband cannot speak Cantonese to save his life :P

Kai bullies my Mum into carrying him around the restaurant. He claims the Tang dynasty horse is called "mow mow" (cat) We tried to correct him "No Baby, that's 'ma', not 'mao' ". But he insisted it's a "mow mow" :P

Me & my Baby!

Hubby & Kai

Kai ate alot of this tonight. Grandma is guilty as charged.

Kai with the ladies of my family

My Daddy is a cheena-man at heart.

Wearing the bib that Charmaine gave!

My Grandaunt is 80+ and so petite but still strong enough to carry my 12kg son. Can you see they're about the same size? Kudos to her!

It was my Dad's Aunt's first time meeting Andy & Kai, and I'm glad they hit it off fabulously!
We had a dandy time, and lucky for us, Kai behaved like a dream and sat through the entire 8 course dinner without fussing.
He even ate all his Shark's fin and Peking duck!
What a good good boy, we're all proud of him :D

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