Saturday, October 23, 2010

Faddy & Ingrid wedding 22 Oct 2010 Fri

It is the Wedding of the Year that we've been anticipating with bated breath.
Our friends Faddy & Ingrid got married at Fullerton Hotel tonight, and this is by far the most grand and extravagant wedding Andy & I have attended.

It was a grand affair which felt like a 2nd Jakarta with all the rich and affluent Indonesians. Big boys with their big cars, and the ladies with their peacock-looking gowns and big big hair.

When it comes to dinners and weddings, nobody does it more flambouyant than the Indos I can tell you.
and it's not just because their fleet of wedding cars included a Rolls Royce and a white Lambo!

With Faddy's mum.

My date for the night!

Posing with Hubby's sis.. haha

For their 2nd march-in, they played an upbeat number and everyone wore costumes and face-masks and danced out!

Their friggin' FIVE-TIER wedding cake! In case you're wondering, it's from Perla, and Yes, it is edible! Everyone ate cake tonight.

Some shots before Hubby & I ended the fun night.

I initially wanted to wear a red sexy dress but in the end I thought it was too loud and I didnt want to look like an ang-pao!
Anyway I am glad I decided to stick to classic ol' LBD. I was a little sad that we couldn't bring Kai, because it was a friends' and not a relatives' wedding so we thought we'd better leave Kai at home in case he gets bored to death.

Dear Faddy & Ingrid,
THANKS for the fun & glamorous night.
We wish you a lifetime of bliss and happiness in your marriage! :D

Andy & Veron.

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