Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Playdate @ my Mum's, Woodlands

It was totally spontaneous - I happened to get the day off for going to Mrs Lee KY's wake yesterday (I do love my job very much), and my cousin & aunts happened to be free/not working.

So..... the FANTASTIC FOURSOME. I lurve when cousins and kids group together!

Chloe (being carried), Bryan (the 3yr old in yellow), Kai (in black standing at doorway) and Emily (standing closest to my cam)

Chloe, Emily & Kai are born in the same year: 2009 (Emily is EXACTLY one day younger than Kai), and Bryan is the big brother.

Bryan, age 3, is supposed to be attending playgroup today, but he said because "it was raining in the morning", he didnt have to go school. HAHAHA what excuse is that to miss school?!?!?
Alamak. He's always full of excuses. LOL

After the playdate, Kai is "cleaning up"!

Marching around my Mum's place cleaning up.

Okays that's all for today. It has been a fun & tiring day for the kids and adults alike.
Family times are rare and absolutely cherished.

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