Friday, October 8, 2010

Fed up.

Maverick went off to grooming today... and in the evening, I am working, the groomer dropped the dog back at home..

Except of course, there was no one at home to open the door for the groomer and my Maverick.
The poor groomer has been waiting for an hour now. I told her specifically that the dog will come home in the evening. And I cant do anything to help because I am at work.
That's not all. I've been telling her to cook the organic oats I bought for Kai, for his breakfast. For almost 2 weeks now. And she simply refuses to cook the darn oats.

I am tempted to scream and shout in the air. Except I wont because it is beyond me.
Seriously, I only have one nerve left, and she is getting on it.

Two more months. I grit my teeth and feel/fill the void.
After which, liberation will be priceless.

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