Sunday, October 17, 2010

Starstruck Sunday

And so Hubs & I headed down to Zouk for the Charity flea, and we were kinda star-struck cos we saw many local celebs like Apple Hong and the boys from the DG gang (a bunch of the hair and makeup gurus in the local celeb scene, but I just can't put a name to the faces!) . DG the man himself was not present cos he's currently overseas for an assignment but the stash were really quite amazing stuff.

Shorty me with a very gorgeous Apple Hong. She is friendly and has no airs about her, which is so rare for famous people nowadays. Isnt she pretty!
Can you see the Chanel boxes and clutches peeping from behind?

I bought a few blouses, dresses, and something in an orange box from Apple... but who's counting?
Andy also managed to snag something from the DG booth, a pair of very new limited edition Nike sneakers which are discontinued, at only $50. What a steal!

Sooo.... what's hiding in my orange box?

Did Santa come early this year?

My Hermes Kelly watch, in Epsom leather.
Nice?? :D
Now she can be best friends with my Omega Constellation.

How it looks when worn:

photo courtesy from Google Images.
More orange boxes and brown ribbons pleaseeeee! I'm loving it.
Ooo oooh and also, our dearest son turns 17-mths today, on the 17th!
Happy one-month-older sonny. May you continue to grow into an amazing, well-behaved, healthy, happy Bubs, and be a truly wonderful person with a beautiful mind and spirit.

your folks.

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