Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Deepa!

Date: 23 Oct 2010 Saturday
Venue: The Aston, Poolside BBQ
Time: 6.30pm till late

The good people. They are Andy's friends whom he knows from their weekly football games.
There was music blasting from their patio and cocktail everywhere. Certainly feels as though they brought the entire Butter Factory back to The Aston!

Andy & Kai playing at the playground while Stefano and the other boys are busy BBQing away so that we can be fed!

Our son is doing his little break-dance to Lady Gaga music!

He was on a high tonight, dancing by the pool. OMG we gave birth to a Party Animal!
I think he had one too many brandied strawberry.
"Put your hands up in the air; put your hands up in the air"

We're wearing our most favourite color!

Andy & his Italiano football pal, Stefano and hs lovely wife Laurine.

Choc cake from Four Seasons. Yum!

Time for Birthday girl to make a wish and blow the candles!

Deepa's dad gave her a doll, and he told her this will be the last "childish present" he's giving her, because she & Arjun are getting married!
Arjun gives Deepa a hug & kiss. Sooooo sweet we can die!

And there's no better way to enjoy a pool party than to get in!

OoooooOo Whee~! Having a splashing good time!

Happy Birthday Deepa!
Thank you Arjun for inviting us.
Obviously, we had an enjoyable night with the great food and excellent company.
You guys are really a fun bunch and really crack me up :D
Andy, Veron, Adam.

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