Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Changi City Point: kids water playground

On Sunday, we brought Adam to Changi City Point after we got back from our staycation.
I tell you - we suck at leaving our kid without us. Even for one night. Even if we are only away in another location in Singapore other than where Adam is.
This kid clearly has us wrapped around his little finger I tell ya.

Warning: the carpark in Changi City Point is quite a bitch so we had to park in another building and walk over in the scorching sun.
As a result, my little monkey had his eyes shut like this:


My little terror

Love this shot. He's touching a rainbow!

Adam really enjoyed himself loads. He was prancing around and for the first time in a long long time, he didnt need me to be beside him.
Ever since he found out I am pregnant, he's been pesky like super glue. Cling wrap.
He lost interest in his toys and demands that I be with him every single minute of my waking time with him.
It is truly exhausting when he doesnt wanna play on his own, and at bedtimes he wants me to look at him and watch him fall asleep. Sometimes I admit it's really cute to have him so adoring because I know such experiences won't last till he's old enough to have a GF (sobs) but to be honest, I'm exhilirated at times and I'd rather look at the back of my eyelids.

YIKE!!! what happened to My kid??! My easy baby has been abducted and swapped with a pesky toddler.

But I digress.
Back to the water playground. I have found my answer!! He enjoyed himself so much he ran and pranced around not needing me. Mama is now free to sit one corner and relax!
Not only does Adam like it, I do too! It's free, and clean, and has toilets and cleanup/shower area. What a brilliant place.
In fact, I suspect he loves the playground more than he does his parents. He's been bugging me to bring him there again every night and we are counting sleeps before we go there again on Good Friday this week - 3 more sleeps!!!

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