Sunday, April 15, 2012

Detailed scan at MAH and how my Saturday went

Bright & early today morning, Andy & Adam went with me to Mt Alvernia for my detailed scan.
For the longest time, I was a nerve-wreck. I was worried about how Adam would react - in a hospital/ being made to wait/ sitting still while waiting for my scan to be over.
He's been with us to my antenatal appointments but I've always had Aunt LY around since I can't be lying on the couch (I asked Hubby how to spell "couch".. I kept spelling "cough". another example of my FRIED BRAINS) and handling Adam at the same time; and Andy also wants to see the scan/ listen to our Doc.

So anyway, today is finally the Big day to put Adam's patience and behaviour to the test.
We woke up early and set off to the hospital. My appointment was 10.30am but we had to wait about 30min before it was our turn.
By then, Adam was hungry and asked for milk. I said I didn't bring his milk out (yet another example of fried pregnancy brains) so I went upstairs to the cafeteria to grab a char siew bun and soya milk, which he finished without a trace.
Then the sonographer called my name and Yes it was our turn. Timely!

Andy, Adam & I got ushered into a dimly lit room and Adam sat nicely and cooperatively in his pram while I lied down on the couch and the sonographer got started.

In between, when Adam realised I was stuck lying there for yonks and he couldn't get to my side, he cried about 2 times but I promised him once I'm done I will give him his Donald Duck chocolates (handmade chocs my Mum bought for him). But overall he was so well-behaved. He didn't throw any tantrums neither did he cry the house down. I'm generally more than pleased with him and am relieved that we managed to complete the detailed scan at one go. Didn't need to be excused to hush him before continuing! Yay!!
Sometimes, I think we parents just need to have more faith in our children, yeah??

We got home after lunch and my friend Joryl came over to visit Adam and my unborn child, with her new puppy - a Sheltie girl!!
Oh I miss my Alice so much!

Joryl & Sunkist.

What a sweet darling little girl - all 5 mths of her :)

After dinner, Andy & I went to IKEA and bought some wardrobe organiser and household stuff for the nursery.
P.S. We are keeping the gender of our No. 2 a surprise except for some close friends & family.
So please, if you happen to be one of those who are in the know, please do us a favour and keep it a surprise for us!

Also, this time round, I've instructed my in-laws not to tell their relatives our address / lie that I'll be doing confinement at my Mum's place.
This is because - when I gave birth to Adam, I did my confinement at my in-law's. (Our own home wasn't ready yet.)
And to my dismay, people started visiting - one by one, at their own convenient times, while I was still doing my confinement!! Or should I say, all through my 1 MONTH of confinement!
They know that for Chinese women, during the 1st month after delivery, we are confined to the house and cannot go out as this is a tradition known as "doing the month" or "zhuo yue", that's why those eager beaver visitors came knocking at their own preferred timings and didn't even bother calling up before-hand.
There I was, all sore from my C-sect wound, nursing a newborn every 2-hourly, and getting used to my new role as a Mummy, trying to bond with my baby and squeezing in as much rest as I could during confinement. And people would just turn up. And my MIL would knock on my door *Bang bang bang* "Shuqing, so-and-so are here to see the baby!"
Sometimes I would be naked in my room nursing Adam or pumping milk and people would knock on my door.
How irritating is that???! I understand that as a first child, first grand-child, and first great-grandchild in the family, Adam was special and everybody was excited to meet him; and I really do appreciate the gifts they bought.
BUT ..... Can't they meet him at the baby shower???

until today, I still remind my MIL and Andy how annoyed I was so I've made it clear this time - PLEASE no visitors during my confinement.

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