Sunday, April 15, 2012

DIY: Color magnets and teaching tracing

Learning Colors:

Adam is one month shy of turning 3 and has learned colors and shapes in school.
Sometimes, he gets his colors correct yet other times, he seems to totally forget what he learned and everything becomes blue. Or red. Or yellow.

I gave him a packet of M&Ms the other day at the mall, and I asked him to match all the colors of the M&Ms to objects he can find of the same colors before eating them.
He got them all correct - yellow T-shirt, orange shorts, brown chairs, green ceiling, blue Crocs, red cushions.
Which also meant he finished all the M&Ms.

But I can't possibly open a packet of colorful chocolates all the time and risk my child getting obesity, therefore I have to think of something which is relatively cheap and easy to DIY at home. And I found my solution - DIY color magnets.

I cut out the color squares from a sample catalogue.

I then mount the squares on magnet sheets and cut them out. On a scale of 1 to 10, the difficulty of this project was 0. And it cost me practically nothing to do.

They go on the easel or fridge. It's really fun and easy!

I made some more!

Learning to trace

the top-most line is so neat because it was drawn by me!

I'm starting Adam on some "homework" only now. I'm such a lazy Mummy. I don't send him for enrichment classes on weekends, and the most scholarly thing I've ever done with him at home is reading storybooks.
I must say for his effort (considering this is the 1st time he's tracing lines at home, he might have done it in school, I never asked), I'm pretty impressed that he actually followed the dots instead of doodling a whole chunk of messy colors on the pages.
My poor baby is growing up too fast!

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