Sunday, April 8, 2012

East Coast Park with my boys

Went to East Coast Park today with my boys to soak up the sun.Thankfully, it wasn't too hot. It was cloudy and windy and threatened to rain.I love weather like this :)

Adam learning how to throw a decent Frisbee

My 8 yr old Border Collie is still working well, though signs of old age are surely creeping up on him.He used to sprint like the wind and how he can only run. But that's fast enough for Adam otherwise the kid will be bowled over.At home, he has also mellowed down alot. He naps most of his time away, when he used to always look for a ball game or something to play with.And he's also put on so much weight! He sometimes snatches food from Adam's hands, especially if he's holding a bun/cake/bread.
Time is not on my dog's side, but he's taking everything in his stride :)

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